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Yoni Healing Massage
  • Do you feel in touch with your Yoni?
  • Do you associate pleasure, joy, excitement or shame, pain, sadness with your yoni?
  • Do you suffer vaginal dryness?
  • Do you have Pain with penetration?
  • Do you feel traumatised in your yoni?
  • How is your relationship with your yoni after childbirth?
Yoni Healing Massage

Yoni healing massage helps reconnect us with this sacred centre of our body. During a session we can explore the story of your yoni; listening to the messages and wisdom it holds waiting to share with you. Through circumstances like abuse, trauma, injury, illness or age we can become detached from our yoni and it can start to respond in different ways like feeling dry, numb or painful. In a lot of cases these very physical symptoms are psychosomatic in nature and a combination of talk work coupled with a treatment such like this can have a tremendous healing affect.

Each cell in our body holds the memories of previous experiences. Through different processes, memories may be invoked and healed using affirmative actions and intentions sensitively with the body. Sessions can include releasing tension in areas where there is stuck energy, numbness, discomfort or pain, gently freeing any blocks held in the body/mind system so it can move forward to open and embrace new heights of pleasure.

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