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Healing Massage

Tara practises massage, healing and bodywork techniques from her treatment room in North London.

The following massage treatments are both sensual and divine and Tara welcomes everyone to try them! They are all deeply relaxing, healing and integrating to mind, body and spirit.

Please note these are NOT massages touching intimate areas of the body


Divine Massage | North London

A full body massage treatment can combine Ayurvedic (yoga), lomi lomi, myofascial release and marma point stimulation techniques to relax and soften the body and muscles.

This massage treatment is carried out on a floor futon in an ambient, candlelit relaxing space that will enhance your massage and healing experience. Tara combines deep/medium and soft massage strokes with the hands and sometimes the feet releasing tensions from the mind, muscles and joints. Massage yoga based stretches can be incorporated, these are used to open the body and allow the vital life force energy to flow more freely. This massage is an invitation to be at ease in the body and Self. It brings a sense of balance, harmony and grace, aiding a deeper connection with ourselves.

In tradition with Ayurvedic yoga massage practise a special oil and powder can be used to enhance the release of tensions from the muscles and joints; leaving the skin exfoliated and feeling rejuvenated. Please request this at time of booking your massage if you would like to experience it, otherwise we will use hot natural oils.

This massage is often combined with stimulation of various marma points. Marma points are energy centres on the body, which are connection points between the physical body and the subtle energetic bodies. During a massage the physical body becomes more at ease enabling vital life force energy to flow more freely, thus leaving you with a more meditative and harmonious state of mind.

The client can be covered with a sarong or naked during the massage treatment, whatever is preferred and most comfortable for them.

Divine Foot massage | North London

A whole body massage treat through the feet. Each part of the foot correlates to another usually more distant part of the body, with harmonising benefits extending not just to the muscles and joints but also to the vital organs.

A deeply relaxing experience, also incorporating massage of the lower leg.

Benefits of a session include:

  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Relief from headaches and migraine
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Releasing energetic blocks in the body
  • Relaxing muscles and relieving chronic tensions
  • Profound relaxation
  • Improved vitality and fluidity in the body
  • Improving blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Regained sense of wholeness, feeling at peace in the body
  • Changes of old holding patterns/habits of the physical body
  • Calmer, deeper sleep
  • Improved alignment and body posture
  • More clarity & self-love/acceptance
  • Finding your inner BLISS
  • Brings awareness to the breathing and therefore
    increased lung capacity
  • Re-establishes muscular tones and vital energy
  • Promotes correct posture
  "Pleasure comes & goes; bliss never comes, never goes - it is already there in the innermost core
of your being"

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