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Anal & Prostate healing massage

Working on this area can be tremendously beneficial and the impact can be felt spilling out into all areas of our life.

It is where the root chakra is located which is the energy centre that holds our basic survival, fight or flight, confidence and assertiveness traits within it.

Anal & Prostate healing massage

It is the chakra that when in balance we feel safe, grounded in our bodies and in this material world. When out of balance we can feel panicky, disconnected, have financial problems and be unable to set our boundary ‘NO’.

So many feelings can be held in and around this area from disgust, shame, pain and sadness to unbelievable pleasure and ecstatic joy once we have cleared any stuck energy in this region.

For a woman when this area is cleared from any pain or numbness, it can be a sensitive hub of orgasmic delight. The same applies to men but they can also notice beneficial effects on potency and ejaculation control. It is an ideal treatment for those men who need to clear any trauma post-surgery or treatment on the prostate.

Most men AND woman have no idea the potential for pleasure in this area.

Treatments are bespoke and will combine talk work and bodywork. The aim is to gently encourage the body to release any unnecessary holding in this area.

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