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Divine Energy Healing

Tara has been attuned over the years to various different energy healing methods such like; spiritual healing, reiki, lumin-essence, violet ray, dragon earth, Sophia and
St Germaine vibrational healing.

Divine healing energy is a combination of all these techniques. There is one SOURCE and all these different methods reflect what is in essence ONE.

Energy Healing Sessions

Through these different methods she has learnt numerous symbols which are believed to amplify the source energy wherever it is directed. Symbols which also have power from the collective consciousness, as people over the world have been using them with great belief in sacred settings for thousands of years.


Is there any evidence that this works?

Numerous people have tried and tested healing and most notice great relaxation after a session. Benefits can be felt ranging from calmer emotions and more clarity and peace of mind to a noticeable reduction or complete eradication of pain in the physical body.

Everything including thought is energy moving at a different vibration/speed. Quantum scientists, in particular Dr Masaru Emoto have been able to photograph the effect positive or negative thoughts make on the material world using frozen water/ iced crystals. Essentially the findings were that positive vibrations, feelings, emotions and thoughts made extremely beautiful symmetrical patterns in the ice like snowflakes. Consequently negative vibrations, thoughts, emotions and feelings had a negative effect and no particular pattern.

For Tara giving healing is like a deep meditation, with the emphasis always on stilling the mind and connecting with source; therefore enabling the best and highest frequency of energy to come through.


What does a session entail?

The client can be sitting but ideally will be lying down on a treatment table. Eyes closed you will be guided to bring your awareness into the present moment allowing your thoughts to dissolve away. Staying connected to the breath the rest happens by itself. Slowly you will fall into a deep blissful space where through innocence and openness mind, body and spirit equilibrium can occur.

The healer acts a conduit for the source or universal life force energy, laying the hands on various points of the client’s physical/energy body so the healing vibration can flow through into the recipient’s energy field/chakras . This universal energy is then amplified by using the intuited symbols believed to carry special healing power.

The divine energy healing session commences with a cleansing technique using either white sage or a special tincture of crystals and herbs. and will incorporate *marma point stimulation if required.


Can anyone have energy healing?

Yes, this method does not clash with any religion, health problem or medication. The powerful intelligent energy of source always aims to heal and balance within and without.

It is important however that the client trusts the healer in order to be able to open fully and receive the benefits described. For some more guarded individuals it may take one or two sessions to relax and trust the process; others can fall very deep into the healing trance on the first session.

Benefits of a session include:

  • Eases aches and pains in the body
  • Creates inner balance and harmony
  • Stills the mind and emotions enhancing a more peaceful state of being
  • Aids in treating insomnia
  • Creates feeling of well- being and connection to SOURCE
  • Assists in treating psychological difficulties like anxiety, panic disorders and depression by increasing acceptance of one’s
    inner world through self embrace and familiarity
  • Generating inner calm, strength and courage
  • Cleanses and heals the energy body
  • Balances the chakras/energy centres in the body
  "There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence inside yourself"

"Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave."
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