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Breast Massage

Breasts are quite literally heart centred portals which have the potential to unleash powerful and pleasurable full body sensations. When approached with sacred touch and a healing intention, the heart energy ignited though a breast massage starts a process of ‘opening’ throughout the entire body. As this heart energy starts to fully flow encouraged by the breath, it creates a nourishing and balancing effect on the whole body-mind system.

Breast Massage

This treatment is a meditative sensual journey through the heart. Most woman wont have experienced solely receiving in this area for a prolonged period of time, hence there may be some emotional release which is welcomed to be expressed in the moment. On a physical level breast massage increases circulation in the area and assists the detoxifying process of lymph drainage. It can be beneficial for the healing of scar tissue after mastectomy, reconstruction or surgery.

This massage may be the starting point for someone on a tantric bodywork journey. It will most certainly encourage you to love YOU and the skin you are in.

This treatment is open to all folk who feel they would benefit and no gender definition is discriminated.


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