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Meditation Techniques

From the many OSHO Active meditations to vipassana self observation and self acceptance, there is a wealth of beneficial meditation techniques one can practise in order to increase mastery of the self and the mind.

Meditation classes

Wherever you are in your life at the moment, learning how to create more space for inner silence will bring enormous healing benefits. Meditation is the doorway to a world of freedom. Information and advice on meditation techniques can be incorporated into a treatment session or you can attend especially to learn and practise a technique.

For more information on this meditation:
please see www.meetup.com/northlondonactivemeditation/ or call Tara 07776321878
Meditation is not mind, and mind cannot create meditation. Meditation is getting out of the mind, becoming a watcher of the mind, witnessing all the stuff that goes through the mind — the desires, imaginations, thoughts, dreams, all that goes on in the mind. You become simply a witness. Slowly slowly, this witnessing becomes stronger, becomes more centered, rooted. And suddenly you understand one thing: that you are one with the witnessing, not with the mind; that the mind is as much outside you as anything else’. Osho
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