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Body psychotherapy & Breathwork

Miraculous shifts in consciousness can occur when we drop our awareness from mind down into the body to listen to its wisdom. Our intuition communicates largely through the body and the five senses. Combining this body awareness process with conscious connected breathing we can start to unravel and move through struck emotions, uprooting and releasing traumatic experiences on a visceral level to leave us more free, open and energised to live life free from the past. Any experience that leaves us constricting our breath and energy, feeling stuck in the head with anxious/negative thoughts and feelings needs clearing from the system. This modality leaves no stone unturned as we together explore your journey through life to date using the bodies wisdom, psychoanalysis, spiritual guidance and the breath to unveil unconscious patterns, assimilate the truth and unify you with your desires.

These sessions may be recommended before commencing tantric bodywork
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