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Massage Testimonials
Nobody has ever touched me like that; I don't know what you did to me, it was amazing! Sunil

Just wanted to say I feel pretty great this morning! My outlook feels a lot more positive and I'm quite hopeful for a change which is awesome .... would love to book another massage....Thanks a lot! Last night really feels like it could be a turning point. Jim

The first thing that struck me with Tara is how caring she is, and how much she would put me at ease when it came to the massage therapy. I didn't know what to expect, but from the first minute until the end of the session I was just Wow! Her touch is divine, the energy that pours out of her hands is amazing; it is totally two hours of pure bliss!!
I can say that after years of trying different therapists, I have finally found my therapist for life! Maria

My massage with Tara was a truly exceptional experience. She is a genuinely gifted woman. I have no idea how long we spent together. On several occasions I drifted off, leaving my mind and body for a different space entirely. It was only the soft sound of a chiming bell and the gentle touch of her fingers that brought me back to reality.
I have experienced a few different kinds of massage, but nothing like this. It was authentic, meaningful and an absolute delight. Thank you, Neil

Tara I just wanted to let you know that I have now slept well four out of the last six nights which is a massive improvement from my previous broken sleep. Thank you! Lawrence

You are a real healer, thank you for an amazing experience. It was great to meet you. Reza

I honestly can't think of a time in my life where I have felt as safe and liberated
as I did in my sessions with you. Don

You have a wonderful energy - as someone sensitive to this i can definitely say yours is very special and it will be very healing for anyone you touch in your life. Alex

A BIG thank you again for today's session, it was out of this world on many levels, the sensation is still lingering Was a tad nervous but settled very quickly and enjoyed very much, I think you possess magic hands! Very much look forward to the next session. Frank

Wanted to give you the heads up dear Tara. I am totally happening right now and this session with you has done wonders for my openness, ability to be vulnerable and connect with me as a woman. Thank you again. I will be sending people your way as I cannot shut up about it! Ema

Thank you for a great session. I 'll be back! Dean

Tara thank you so much for today it was wonderful in all aspects. You brought up beautiful feelings in me, from real depths and the experience was amazing thanks for your kindness, patience and skill. I will be back! Eva

When I arrived last night I was stressed out ..... but once I was having a massage I felt my stresses flowing away and at the end was completely relaxed because Mary and Tara did a magnificent job. The worst bit was once it was over and I had to get dressed again to go home. Adam

That was the best massage I have experienced; not clinical at all.... Peter

Thank you for the session. Your touch is lovely. Charlie

Just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful experience last week. Your massage really was outstanding. Also, you are a delightful and generous person to spend time with. Nick

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