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Frequently Asked Questions
Massage Testimonials

Booking and Late cancellation policy

On booking an appointment you may be asked to pay a holding deposit of 50% which is deducted from your session fee. In the case of late cancellations (less than 24hrs notice) the deposit is non-refundable. Appointments can be rescheduled if given adequate notice.

Do you offer a massage with hand relief (massage with ‘happy ending’)?

The short answer to this is no! There is a big difference between a bog standard massage with a ‘happy ending’ and an authentic tantric healing treatment. Treatments using sexual energy at divine body bliss are offered for:

  • integration through a pleasure meditation
  • therapeutic healing
  • conscious use of sexual energy for a ‘spiritual’ and/or full body experience
  • cultivating a sexual trance state to experience a deep state of ‘let- go’ and meditation*
  • Learning the conscious use of breath-work to expand the energy for a whole body experience.
  • a full and energised experience aimed to have a long lasting positive aftermath for days or often weeks
  • connection and centring with self and existence

*When I speak of meditation I am referring to a state of ‘no mind’. This is why most people that attend for a treatment with divine body bliss feel like they have just been on a mini holiday!

Can I touch you during a treatment?

During a treatment you as the receiver are encouraged to RECEIVE 100%. It is not a two way reciprocated session.

During these sessions you are encouraged to do the opposite of whatever is normal so you can open up to new experiences, new sensations and heights of all body pleasure.

With the eyes closed your other senses are naturally more heightened. Keeping your awareness mainly on the sensation of the touch being received you are more likely to drop into a sexual trance state where an abundance of meditative full body orgasmic feelings can experienced.

Are sessions naturist?

Generally not, I find an effective and powerful session does not require the therapist to be unclothed.

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