Let me take you to the depths of your being where a blissful silence
is waiting to wash over you.

A place where your earth shaking, mind blowing energy is stored and potential
to renew and self-heal can be explored.

A place where touch can penetrate deep though skin to soul,
where there is power in vulnerability and relinquishing self-control.

Let me take you to the depths of your being for pleasure,
for integration, for joy.

Tantra is an ancient eastern tradition which has been practised since 5000bc.It recognizes sexuality and spirituality as a path to ecstasy and encourages using the body and the senses to align us with life, our divine nature, existence or GOD.

Tantric massage and sexual healing methods can appear simple yet they are very powerful techniques. The body is a gateway and tool for transformation of consciousness, when we unlock sexual energy for healing, major changes can occur in our inner being and outer life.

It can take courage especially if there are a lot of inhibitions, therefore tantric massage and sexual healing sessions will only progress at a rate that is comfortable for the client. There are a range of treatments to choose from so you can always start your journey of wholeness through pleasure at a place that feels comfortable for you.

Allowing oneself to unashamedly bask in the body’s pleasurable feelings and sensations is the ultimate goal and healing experience. The reverberations of doing so reflect and spill out positively into all areas of one’s life.

It has been said ‘how you do anything is how you do everything!’ All you do becomes a reflection for how you DO life. How you breathe reflects how you take in life, how you make love reflects how you make love with life, how free you are in your body and with the blissful pleasures it can give you reflects how willing you are to allow in the pleasurable experiences of life; the joyous and ecstatic moments - do you let yourself go completely and soak them up?

Many people still rely heavily on drugs or alcohol to ‘let go’ completely trying to experience the fullness of a moment and pleasure of life. The danger of this method to feel good or to get out of the ‘head/mind’ is getting addicted. Using Tantric massage and healing techniques is a far safer method to experience pleasure enabling you to reach unimaginable peaks and ecstatic highs with long lasting positive effects.

Tantric Massage

"Nothing is more important than reconnecting with
your bliss.
Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real."
Deepak chopra

• Healing massage
• Naturist massage
• Tantric massage
• Four handeded massage
• Energy healing
• Tantric (sexual) healing
• Spiritual counseling
• Meditation techniques
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