Naturist Massage

People like to experience the freedom of naturism for a variety of different reasons. The body is a beautiful thing but a lot of people have been brought up to be embarrassed or even disgusted of nudity in themselves and others. A host of factors from family beliefs to strict religious attitudes when growing up can leave a person disjointed with a rotten and warped body image.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Experiencing a naturist massage can be a leap towards healing and integration of Self for those that have negative attitudes about their body. It can aid repairing poor body image, increase self- love and acceptance, and normalise once again what is a very natural state of being.

For those wishing to embark on journey of sexual healing at a later date, experiencing a naturist massage maybe just the place to start! For others experiencing a naturist massage is more about equality and creating balance between the giver and receiver during a massage treatment.

All treatments are carried out
in North London

Naturist massage treatments cost:
60 minutes: £80
90 minutes: £120
120 minutes: £160


‘Naturist massage can be seen as removing another of those barriers that, in normal every-day life, separate us from those around us.’
Neil (client)

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